Meet Hobo’s Founder & Designer: Koren Ray

"In my earliest memories I am playing with scraps of leather under the craft bench in the ‘70s leather shop where my mom learned her trade. I recall the artisans cutting, stitching and tooling bags by hand. I grew up under that craft bench and fell in love with leather - for all its beautiful imperfections and the way it ages ever so gracefully". - Koren Ray

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What is one of your favorite Hobo bags?

KR: My Sheila bag . It travels with me everywhere. If this bag could tell stories, I would probably be in a lot of trouble!

What is one of your favorite parts of being Hobo's design director?

KR: Traveling to hand select the hides that we use to craft our handbags. Each leather has its own personality, its own character. It's my job to take that leather and tell a story with it.

Koren Ray hand seleting leather hides for Hobo bags.

What do you love most about leather?

KR: I love it for all its perfect imperfections. No other material ages quite as gracefully as quality leather. Time and thousands of touches reveal its true hidden beauty.

What is it like running Hobo with your husband?

KR: It's a great pleasure to work with David every day ... he's my best friend, an amazing partner and he's really rock n' roll, which I love!

Koren Ray and husband David Brewer, co-owners of Hobo.

Who is one person that you look up to?

KR: If I had to pick one person that I am most happy that I've known in my life, it would be my mother. She does everything in her life with her whole heart. She taught me to live with integrity and design with purpose.

Koren Ray and mother, Toni Ray co-founder of Hobo.

Why do you believe that age = beauty?

KR: There is an authentic beauty in those possessions that we have touched and loved for years, like worn-in boots or your favorite pair of jeans. I design bags to be loved everyday and I believe they just get better with use and wear. That is why I say AGE = BEAUTY.

Leather gets better with use and wear, shown here with the Sheila handbag

What are you most passionate about?

KR: Music, the next design, the craft of leather, and my kids!

Koren and David with their four children
Koren and David with their four children
Learn more about Koren Ray!
Koren Ray, Hobo Bags founder and designer

Peace, Koren