We believe that great leathers make great bagsWe believe that great leathers make great bags

About Us

Our Leathers

You Should Know...

We’ve been doing this leather thing for a long time, and we have nothing to hide (get it?). The more you know about the materials we use, the more you’ll love the leather goods we create.

We Love Leather

No other material ages as gracefully. The grain and marks bestowed by nature are unique and individual. It's strong, but soft.

Over time, with thousands of touches, it develops a story, a character and unlike synthetic materials, it's made to last and get more beautiful with use and wear.

Take Care

We only work with tanneries that follow strict ethical environment standards. We use only premium leathers. which are a by-product of the food industry. Our hair-on and print may look exotic, but they are produced from leather hides, too.

You Deserve The Best

Don’t be fooled. Not all leathers are created equal. Leather makers can use any part of the hide and still tell you it’s leather. But unless you use the full-grain, your leather goods with not have the same beauty and won’t last as long.

We select only full-grain leathers, primarily from Italy, France, the US and Brazil. They may cost more, but our 30+ years of experience has shown, the way they feel and the way they wear over time,is well worth it.

You Choose

We’re kind of obsessed. Perfecting our long-time signature leather while tirelessly searching for new materials to bring you. Our tanners develop our leathers just for us. Some are waxy, some washed, some tumbled. But each leather has individual charms. We hand-select each leather to bring out the best in every design we create, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.