Made To Last With David Perry

"Do it with intention or don't do it at all" – David Perry

David Perry, founder of the DSP Group, shares our passion for prodcuts that last. David Perry, founder of the DSP Group, shares our passion for prodcuts that last.

David with Zeppelin Duffle and Campion Messenger

Things that are made to last, possessions that lack an expiration date, design intent that prioritizes functionality, quality never being an accident…" When we first heard David so beautifully speak (cue the British accent) about his passion and his business model for the company he founded, The DSP Group, he had us. We too subscribe to creating leather goods that only get better with use and wear, the kind you hang onto for years to come, so we wanted to learn more from a purist like David.

David Perry with the Zeppelin Duffle
David Perry with the Zeppelin Duffle
Learn more about David from our chat with him

What do you love about slow fashion?

DP: Slow fashion, for me, celebrates the quality of not only the fabrics and construction of the product, but also the people who made them.

Vintage is having a moment with a new generation, why do you think that is?

DP: I owned a couple of vintage stores in England in the 90’s and our biggest clients were always students. The younger generation has always had an affinity with vintage, partly because of the price points (well, maybe not nowadays), but also because they can score something unique, one-of-a-kind. I don’t think that’ll ever change.

Why is quality always important?

DP: But if your intent is to make something where quality is of the utmost importance, then the design, sourcing and manufacturing process will be different, and the product will likely stand the test of time. Anything made with leather and is quality, gets better with use and wear

Advice for people to participate in the slow fashion movement?

DP: Choose quality and intent over mass produced goods that are destined for landfills. The brands that spend time and money producing great designs deserve your support.

Why did you choose that duffle bag?

DP: For the function, it looks great, and I can make it bigger if needed.

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