Georgetown Leather

The Legend of Georgetown Leather
Georgetown Leather Collage

WASHINGTON D.C., 1972. Fleetwood Mac emanates from the stereo and the smell of leather mingles with incense to create the most perfect blend of musk. Boxes of moccasins piled up on the floor, leather jackets everywhere, and Fender guitars lean up against the walls. The sound of laughter and conversation rise above the music that fills the air, up to a lounge unlike any you've ever seen before. Every inch of the walls are covered with concert posters, postcards, album inserts, magazine tears, handwritten quotes, and matchbooks, placed there by the gatekeepers of this magical place as emblems of their beliefs and inspiration.

Georgetown Leather Shop

Toni Ray, the spirit of Georgetown Leather, set the tone for the culture, style, philosophy, and soul of the iconic shop that spoke to the people who gathered there. Georgetown Leather set the tone for what would be born as Hobo the Original 1991.