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We teamed up with a new friend, @oursouthwestnest, to style our Max Collective. Her love of neutrals and intentional collecting of beautiful items made her the perfect fit! Keep scrolling for our Q&A with Emily to get to know her!

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Q&A with @oursouthwestnest

Tell us about the things you collect?

I really try to pare down the number of ‘things’ I keep in my home. A simplified and minimalist lifestyle keeps things light and calm, but some things I continue to collect because they bring me such joy (both in the finding and the styling of it in my home) are thrifted studio pottery, wooden vessels, and baskets.

What special meaning do your keepsakes hold for you?

My thrifted styling objects are special because they have history. They were made with enough care to last at least two cycles of use! Some have a feeling attached because they were an exciting find or a reminder of a particularly fun day (I usually go thrifting with my sister).

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What values do you curate in your community?

I think that by choosing to buy second-hand rather than big-box store décor pieces, keeping things out of a landfill by giving new life to objects that no longer serve members of my community (all while generally supporting local charitable organizations) I’m curating the values of community, sustainability, and beauty that I really care about.

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