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Two of our favorites, @theyusufs, style our Fern Collective and speak to us about fashion, working together and their favorite thing to collect. Keep scrolling to see their sister style + get to know this must-follow on Instagram duo.

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Q&A with @theyusufs

How do you strengthen one another as a team?

People always say don’t mix family and business but we think our differences in personalities in business is actually what strengthens our bond as sisters. Nasteha is more of a big picture person and is a dreamer while Nuni is more of the logical thinker who pays close attention to details. Learning this about one another at a very young age has allowed us to embrace one another’s differences and actually leverage it in order for us to work well together as partners. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses is what helped us understand when to allow each other when to lead versus when to take a step back.

What are your favorite things to collect?

We may shop a lot but believe it or not, we’re both not the type to collect things. We’d say we love collecting memories. Especially ones that include both of us and our families. Which is one of the main reasons why we love to travel so much.

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Shop the Fern Collective

Describe your individual styles?

Nuni’s style is feminine yet edgy. She loves a well tailored look that compliments her figure, while Nasteha has a more loose fitting tomboyish style. She loves baggy trousers and crop tops.

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