The Lauren Wallet

Over 1 million Hobo Lauren wallets sold and counting ... it's a fact! A million women can't be wrong, right?

Learn more about the original leather clutch-wallet that started it all!

"The Lauren wallet was born out of pure necessity. I was tired of fumbling around at the checkout counter, trying to shove too many cards in my wallet, losing all of my receipts, dropping my phone...I needed one stylish, practical solution. I love that I can grab Lauren and go. She is a timeless design- the perfect wallet to get me from Penn Station to the carpool line AND she's an amazing clutch, stylish enough for dinner out with my husband, without having to change my wallet for a clutch. Lauren has become an icon because she is the perfect example of the way I like to design; beauty and soul with flawless functionality."
- Koren Ray

Lauren, the original leather clutch-wallet that started it all
Lauren, the original leather clutch-wallet that started it all

It is daunting to us that this little idea, born from necessity, has found a home with over 1 million women. Despite the fact that she is over 10 years old, she still amazes with her modern edge and her vintage appeal. Despite the fact that we introduce her in as many as 50 different colors and leathers every year, we always stay true to her original vision; a classic leather wallet clutch with the perfect blend of style and function.

Shop the Lauren Wallet
Shop The Lauren Wallet

Of course, for many, the question she a clutch or is she a wallet? Well, the beauty of the original Lauren wallet is that she is BOTH! A fully functioning, oversized wallet that literally holds everything you need; cards, cash, phone, key, lipstick. No, really!

The Lauren clutch wallet holds all the essentials!
The Lauren clutch wallet holds all the essentials

We get countless messages and comments on social about the number of Lauren wallets that our customers own, plus their serious love for this must-have accessory. Here are a few of the responses via an lnstagram post where we inquired about our followers' Lauren collections ...

"Hi, my name is Kellie and I'm a Lauren JUNKIE! I have about 15 or so ... " -@heykellie

"I am a Hobo addict, I have 4 wallets. I also have five clutch purses and three handbags" @wander_house

"My forever favorite wallet ... " @Swedishfish1020

"Black, yellow, turquoise, dark brown, grey, and another black ... I have a problem"- @jannabfees

"I just got my first one for Christmas this year ... and I have been wanting once since I lived in Annapolis in 2004" -@melanie_rae8214

Shop the Lauren Wallet
Shop The Lauren Wallet

As you can see, one Lauren is rarely enough! Since new colors, prints, and leathers of the Lauren clutch-wallet are released seasonally, you can get started now on an amazing collection of your own.

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