Meet The Girls: Lauren

Meet Lauren

A friend like no other; tried and true. There when you need her, every time. From day to night, and all the moments in between, count on Lauren to protect all that is coveted and cherished. With a friend like this by your side you feel put together and confident. Ready to navigate life with style and grace.


A Closer Look

What makes Lauren so special.

Forever Best Seller

Lauren is the original kiss-lock wallet clutch, coveted and collected by over 1.5 million women. Designed to hold what matters most and complemented your personal style, InStyle magazing calls Lauren, "the answer to your handbag prayers." With dozens of limited-edition colors and leathers introduced every season, why pick just one?

Find Your Leather, Find Your Color

Vintage Hide

Velvet Pebbled Hide

Available in over 15 colors!


Most-Loved Lauren

The clutch-wallet you can't leave home without.