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MODERN DAY HOBOS // 08.15.18

Meet Mira Mariah

Known as @girlknewyork on Instagram, Mira Mariah is a New Yorker you need to know. Mira discovered her passion for tattooing as a way of finding beauty and peace through her journey of living with limb loss. She and her pup, Mojo Jojo are on their way to becoming Instagram famous, all while on a mission of bringing back the lower back tattoo. Interested in hearing more? Watch her video below!

We were thrilled to meet Mira on set of our Modern Day Hobo X NYC photoshoot and were even more thrilled to collaborate with her on a limited-edition collection: Hobo Inked Hide. Shop some of our most popular styles: the Lauren clutch-wallet , the Nash crossbody bag, the Sable clutch and more bags with beautiful tattoo designs on leather hides.

Tattoo artist Mira Mariah with the leather Blaze with an inked design.Tattoo artist Mira Mariah with the leather Blaze with an inked design.

Mira with Blaze Bucket and Dustin Tote

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What’s your passion?

Mira: Girl Power!

What do you call work?

M: Drawing and tattooing

Dogs or cats?

M: Doggies, of course! Especially Mojo Jojo.

An item on your bucket list?

M: Pet a flamingo

Words to live by?

M: Que Sera Sera