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Collected and styled by our prop stylist, @kimficaro. Keep reading to fall in love with our new collection of wallets, get to know Kim’s passion for collecting beautiful items, and learn about the values she curates in her community.

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Q&A with @kimficaro

Tell us about the things you collect?

Textures are a huge component of my work, and I am always on the hunt for woven bags, baskets, mats, vintage weavings, constantly engaged in the beauty of natural objects, dried palms and the hands that weave them together. This also includes dried pieces of nature, rocks, shells. Brass and neutral materials in wood and furniture are another as well as brass in the form of bangles, brass spoons, bowls. All categories of books to dive into, interiors, fashion, photography. Textiles, currently vintage batiks from Indonesia. I am in love with the color combinations and the repeats.

What special meaning do your keepsakes hold for you?

I collect, for life. So much of how I work, how I live, how I create and see is inspired through my collections.

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What values do you curate in your community?

All of the collections in my world help inform my visual process which is how I communicate to my community through making beauty in the form of photos, spaces and products.

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Sheila Large Satchel in Polished Leather - Driftwood
Sheila Large Satchel in Polished Leather - Driftwood